We recognize that historical events and forces can greatly influence current circumstances. For the scaling exercise, however, we are interested in your impressions about the current time period, not some point in the past. Thus, please answer the survey questions as they relate to the organizations at this point in time only.

Your answers should reflect how members of these groups think and behave, on average.

We recognize that individuals within groups differ from one another in their beliefs, feelings, and actions. Within each country, members of the organizations differ from one another in important ways. Groups consist of diverse and heterogeneous collections of subgroups and individuals, and experts like you are particularly aware of this diversity and nuance. Nonetheless, for this aspect of the research program it is necessary that we focus on how members of these groups, on average, behave and believe. For instance, some members of the organization may fit at one end of the scale while others may fit more towards the middle or at the other end. We are interested, however, in where members of the organization, on average, fit. If you find yourself thinking, for example, that most members are very high on the scale whereas a smaller minority are very low, please use your best sense of these groups to average these scores weighting more heavily the predominant behavior. If the smaller minority is large enough for you to consider it a true faction (even if unofficial or unacknowledged and definitely if it is growing), create a new organization for that faction and rate it accordingly.

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